Album Pacos`Way

„Paco’s Way“ is vivid, alive, and it might be catchy to your feet with its arrangements reaching from funky jazz and jazzy funk to blues, swing and even rock. The music lives from a swinging base line as well as strong brass and rhythm sections reaching from a relaxed lounge sound to a groovy metropolitan high energy funk. Two musicians, Ivano Borgazzi (Italy) and Tom Baldauf (Germany) collaborated on this project, gathering around them the musical talent of the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy. The result is a soundfollowing the musical tradition of a Dr. John, displaying a free and easy movement between musical genres and styles, especially audible in “African Day”, “Mr. C and Brother B.”or “Hot Hallucination”, the latter relying especially on the alluring effect of the lead singers’ raspy voice. The jazzy quality of the arrangements allows each of the musicians tobring forward their individual sound and the listener is drawn into a journey of discovery as each track unfolds its unique sound landscape featuring the individual qualities of the bandmembers. Each piece is a little gem onto itself displaying a new blend of the individual musicians voices in the sometimes jazzy, sometimes funky but always soulful pieces in Paco´s Way.